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Alexandra Phizicky, CEC, PCC

Experienced Executive Coach & Leadership Development Facilitator

Alex - Experienced Leader and Coach, Dedicated to Elevating Leadership Skills and Cultivating Team Success.

About Me & My Work

I’m Alex. I’m fascinated by the world of work, leadership, and ongoing advancement.


I started my career in tech startups designing sales strategies, leading teams, and growing revenue at some of Vancouver’s most fast-paced companies. I know firsthand the complexity involved in developing teams and individuals when everything is constantly changing.


Now, I partner with those leaders to bring clarity, confidence, and energy to their jobs, teams and lives. Through focused conversations, tailored workshops, and content that applies to real life and everyday interactions, leaders spend dedicated time intentionally honing their unique brand of leadership.


When companies and leaders make growth and development a priority, they transform groups of individuals into interconnected teams, create cultural cohesion, and generate meaningful transformation that lasts.

Why Developing Leaders Matters

At the end of the day, Leadership Development matters because it's good for your business. When you invest in people, you reap the rewards through greater alignment, effective collaboration, and increased teamwork. Your teams are better able to work interconnectedly across departments and seniority. 


Leadership development goals and desired outcomes shift with the unique goals and needs of each business and its leaders. That is why at The Phiz | Coaching & Consulting every program is designed to bolster your organization's objectives and tailored to fit your team's specific opportunities. 

Cohort Based Leadership Development

Senior Leadership Alignment

Senior Leadership Alignment sessions are designed to investigate the current and desired future state of a senior team. Through intentional, big picture conversation, we support leaders as they define their shared objectives and what to do to reach them. 

These sessions align short-term action with long-term direction by cultivating trust, healthy communication, commitment, and accountability.  

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Cohort-based leadership development is an approach that empowers interconnected teams to purposefully and creatively build a culture of high accountability.

Peers are encouraged to learn together, support each other, succeed together and collaborate in service of growth and learning that extends through the organization.


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Executive Coaching 

Executive Coaching is an individually tailored practice designed to help leaders with their professional goals. Coaching is a safe, structured, and trust-building environment where a leader has the opportunity to focus on clarifying their objectives, developing tools and approaches to achieve results, and unpack the challenges and opportunities that present themselves as they make these meaningful shifts to their leadership and communication. 

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Free Consultation

Let's better understand your needs. 


Ashley Logan, Global Head of Learning & Development at Lightspeed.

Working with Alex meant having a professional cheerleader by your side. She is insightful, encouraging, flexible, communicative, and astute. She easily shifts her delivery based on the audience and connects so easily with everyone in the room - leaders of every level, department, and role. Leading large group training in a remote landscape can be challenging but Alex breaks down barriers and makes people feel at ease, interspersing content with connection. I'd recommend Alex to any organization looking to provide a powerful and scalable leadership training program - she will work with you to curate something that will resonate most with your people, and ensure that things are taken care of every step of the way. 

Some companies I've worked with

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